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Onsite Tooth Extraction: Importance, Need and Cost of the Procedure

Onsite Tooth Extraction: Swift Relief and Gentle Care at Sydney Denture Clinic

When dental discomfort strikes, swift and skillful care is essential. At Sydney Denture Clinic, we understand the urgency of your needs, which is why we offer comprehensive onsite tooth extraction services. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to your comfort, our clinic provides immediate relief and personalized care right here in Northmead, Sydney.

Our dedicated professionals will ensure that you receive prompt attention and relief from dental discomfort. Whether you’re dealing with a painful toothache, a severely damaged tooth, or a tooth impeding the alignment of dentures, our expertise extends to a variety of extraction scenarios. Rest assured, our approach is gentle yet efficient, aimed at minimizing discomfort and ensuring a smooth extraction process.

The process of removing a tooth that has been damaged or causing dental pain is known as tooth extraction. Yes, this can be a painful procedure to endure but in the long run, it gives you the confidence to live your pain-free life. Different kinds of instruments and tooth extraction processes are available and you can choose freely among them. 

Sydney Denture Clinic has a team of dental experts who have gained decades of experience and positive patient testimonials. We guarantee as painless tooth extraction as possible. You can arrange an appointment and learn about what to expect during your tooth extraction process. 

Do’s and Dont’s After Tooth Extraction 

Here is a detailed guide of all the things you need to do and avoid after getting your tooth extracted:


1. Try to Get Enough Sleep

Even though removing a tooth doesn’t feel like a big operation, it is nonetheless a surgery! After the treatment, it’s critical to receive enough rest to let the area of extraction correctly. After this process, you can face the problem of blood flow which is why it is best to maintain your head as upright as you can.

2. Permit Clotting in the Extraction Region

When your tooth is extracted, you will likely suffer bleeding. This is quite normal. After your surgery, you may need to change out your gauze for up to an hour, but ultimately a clot will form at the extraction site, stopping additional bleeding. You need to keep all the food particles and objects (straw, for example) away from the extraction site to reduce the risk of infection. Failure to allow a clot to form can raise the risk of infection.

3. Drink Plenty of Fluids

During the 48 hours following the tooth extraction, you need to drink plenty of water and other fluids. Not only do they have a good effect on your health but keep the oral cavity clean from any bacteria in the vicinity. Our experts advise that one should try drinking any fluid directly from the glass rather than going in for a straw because suction created due to the straw might increase the pain.

4. Reach Out to Our Experts If You Face Any Problem

Following your tooth extraction, it’s normal to have pain or swelling, which might linger for up to three days. To relieve any discomfort or swelling, always have an ice pack on hand. To help reduce the swelling, you can apply ice to your cheek every ten minutes.

If after doing all this, the pain persists. Talk to our dental technicians so that they can make a customized plan to suit your needs. 


1. Do Not Smoke 

Smoking can have a detrimental effect on the area from where the tooth was extracted. It can increase the risk of having dry sockets which is a common problem with people who smoke. To avoid any oral infections, maintain a safe distance from cigarettes and lighters. 

2. Avoid Alcohol and Carbonated Beverages.

For at least four days following your extraction, refrain from consuming alcohol or fizzy drinks since they may harm the clot at your extraction site and result in difficulties.

3. Avoid Eating Hard or Chewy Meals

To prevent food particles and bacteria from accumulating in the extraction site, it is recommended to consume soft, high-nutrient foods immediately following your tooth extraction.

4. Don’t Shake Up the Clot

Once you see an empty spot in place of where your extracted tooth was, your tongue will automatically feel the need to touch that spot. But this can be a dangerous sport. Never use any toothpick or toothbrush to poke at the oral cavity. This can lead to several dental infections which can make a tooth extraction even more difficult than it has to be. 

We believe in being with our clients till the last moment, so if you have any queries or facing any problems after the procedure then you can make an appointment with our doctors and discuss your issues in detail. 

What is the Cost of Tooth Extraction in Australia?

Although tooth extraction is a frequent dental operation, several factors might affect how much it costs. The cost of tooth extraction varies greatly in Australia depending on many aspects, such as the type of tooth being taken, how complicated the process is, and if you’re covered by dental insurance.

Removing a tooth completely erupted and is visible from the gums is known as a simple tooth extraction. Usually, this process is simpler and less expensive than performing a surgery extraction. In Australia, the price of a basic tooth extraction can range from $75 to $300. However, these expenses may differ based on the individual’s particular dental situation and the price list of your dentist. 

A tooth that has fallen off at the bottom of the gum or may not have fully emerged from the gums must be extracted surgically. This procedure is more complicated. Because this treatment is difficult, it usually costs more. In Australia, the price range for a surgical extraction is $250 to $550, with more complex operations potentially costing up to $4,000.

Difference Between Surgical and Simple Tooth Extraction?

The main distinction between a surgical and a simple tooth extraction is the intricacy of the process followed by the dentist.

A molar that is easily visible when the patient opens their mouth and that can be extracted without making incisions in the patient’s gums is the subject of a straightforward removal. For this treatment, a lifting device is usually used to loosen the tooth, and forceps are then used to extract the tooth.

On the contrary, a surgical extraction is an extensive tooth extraction process that is utilized in cases where a single tooth still hasn’t fallen into the mouth or has broken off at the gum line. Dental professionals are usually the ones who undertake surgical tooth extractions. A small incision must be made into the gums to clinically extract the impacted wisdom tooth or damaged tooth. Surgical extractions are usually more costly than basic extractions since they involve more labour and expertise.

Why Choose Us?

In the heart of Sydney, the Sydney Denture Clinic is a brilliant example of comprehensive dental care, where smiles tell tales of vitality and joy. Their ability to make a painful process like tooth extraction into a healthy dental procedure enables them to offer treatments that are beyond common expectations.  A damaged tooth may result in structural issues that cause problems in eating, sleeping or carrying out daily activities in general. Our cutting-edge technologies and modern equipment take you one step closer to better oral hygiene. 

Why Choose Sydney Denture Clinic?

Immediate Relief

We understand the urgency of dental discomfort. Our onsite tooth extraction services offer immediate relief, addressing your concerns promptly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Care

Beyond the extraction itself, we provide thorough post-extraction guidance and support, ensuring optimal recovery and comfort.

Experienced Professionals

Our skilled dental team brings years of experience to the table, ensuring that your onsite tooth extraction is performed with precision and care.

Patient-Centered Approach

We ensure that we listen to your concerns, address your questions, and tailor our onsite tooth extraction services to your individual needs. We take the time to explain the procedure, provide detailed aftercare instructions, and are readily available to support you during your recovery. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Flexi Partial Denture is an excellent alternative for individuals with metal sensitivities. The flexible thermoplastic material used in its construction is hypoallergenic, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free experience.

Recovery time varies depending on the complexity of the extraction. Our professionals will provide you with detailed post-extraction instructions, including guidelines for managing any discomfort and promoting optimal healing.

Yes, onsite tooth extraction is a safe and routine dental procedure when performed by experienced professionals. Our skilled team at Sydney Denture Clinic follows strict sterilisation protocols and utilises modern techniques to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the extraction process. We prioritise your well-being and take every precaution to minimise any risks associated with the procedure.

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